We at Brewers undertake all aspects of Industrial roofing & Cladding from sheeting new steelwork frames to stripping off existing roofs & cladding & replacing. We have had many contracts for replacing domestic garage roofs in blocks & singles.

We also replace all guttering systems from major steel valley gutters to domestic house guttering. In some cases it’s not practical to remove valley gutters, on these occasions we can supply & fix a liner within the existing gutter. This allows work to carry on within the factory/warehouse etc without disruption & downtime, which can be expensive.

Over the years we have been employed by many clients to replace rooflights within their existing roofs. The old GRP rooflights weren’t made to today’s high standards and over the years the gel coating holding them together breaks down causing leaks. Another problem with the old GRP rooflights is they lose their clear original look becoming clouded & not letting in enough daylight. The benefit of new rooflights enables the sunlight to flow in reducing the amount of electric lighting used. We can also weather new flu’s that might be required to go through your existing roof.

Also we can alter any cladding for installation of new doors/windows & roller shutter doors.